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WorldScienceBook is an Initiative of the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), and supported

from its inception by the International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development (IKED).


WorldScienceBook is set to establish a prime forum forhighly prestigious Government, Academia,

Private Sector representatives in the Arab region.


WorldScienceBook connects economy drivers to promote and inspire sharing of data, ideas, research projects,

development efforts, risks and successes in an extraordinary way.


WorldScienceBook aims to support the transition of the Arab countries and their citizens into the era of

Knowledge-based societies.  


WorldScienceBook enhances and multiplies the capacity of each member by sharing membersí contributions FREE

of charge to maximize their performance and potentials in a way that go beyond the borders.


WorldScienceBook is the state-of-the-art matching engine enabling an innovative and user-friendly global

matching of competencies and interests with needs and priorities.


WorldScienceBook is a bridge between the Arab region and the globe. 


WorldScienceBook has been organised into 5 chapters: Student, Business, Science, Fund and Government. Each

chapter will be structured in a novel way so as to provide new openings for constructive communication and

collaboration among the key stakeholders.


While inspired by FaceBook,WorldScienceBook is infinitely richer. It forms a complete interactive

environment evolving around substantive knowledge-intensive activities and enabling real-world collaboration,

visualizing membersí assets and their potential, thriving on their contributions, services, and facilities. Those

members are representatives for: 

1.        Governments

2.        Innovations centers

3.        Centers of excellence

4.        Think tanks

5.        Arab Alumni worldwide

6.        Financial institutions

7.        Civil society 


WorldScienceBook is a cooperation project between: 

The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) (The Founding Organization)

www.arado.org.eg/en (EN) or www.arado.org.eg (AR)







Mr. Abdulrahman Galal

Coordinator-General for IT Activities


Email: agalal@arado.org.eg


Matthieu Roest

Executive Director


Email: Matthieu.Roest@iked.org 


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